What Do You Need to Know?

As a leading provider of B2B packing, postal boxes are an essential part of our range. We supply a wide range of commercial and personal mailing boxes suitable for business needs, commercial and personal uses. Our boxes can be used for domestic (for home) or commercial purposes. We pride ourselves in delivering our customers high quality commercial and personal mailing and packaging solutions. These are fully customisable and include a fully welded body, polystyrene outer box and fully reinforced locking mechanism. With our many different types and options you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for.


If you need a small-sized commercial mailing box or one that can fit in a normal size room cardboard boxes, our fully welded commercial folding mailboxes are the perfect solution for your ecommerce fulfillment requirements. Our folding boxes are available in several sizes, from small, medium and large to accommodate any size business. We stock standard sizes as well as special order sizes to suit individual requirements. They are also available in non-standard sizes to accommodate any ecommerce fulfilment requirements you may have.


There are various other options available on our online store including mail drop and foam lined commercial boxes, and sectional soft sided boxes. Mailing and packaging specialists, in the UK, will provide all the necessary packaging and shipping equipment and services you may require to ensure your products reach your customers safely and on time. The range available is unrivalled and includes standard and specialty sizes as well as individual item sizes. Most will also come with a manufacturer’s warranty and complimentary delivery within the country.


Postage is an important component of any business and our fully customized, fully welded, durable, commercial grade postal boxes are an affordable and reliable solution to your packaging needs. Many of our customers have used our boxes to successfully send and received international shipments, and the feedback from these customers is positive. These customers appreciate the superior quality and superior service we offer, and the security, protection and efficient logistics that our boxes offer to our clients. You can also save money and time by ordering your materials through us, which will ensure you receive your items in the quickest possible time, every time.


All our products are available in standard sizes to suit individual requirements. If you require extra large or oversized items, we can accommodate your requirements. Whether you are considering corrugated, stacked or disc sizes, our boxes are available to suit your individual postal needs. These standard sizes make it easy for you to select the appropriate size for your parcel. Most boxes are available in standard, tapered and stacked sizes to accommodate most standard-sized envelopes.


If you are wondering about the different sizes available and what they are used for, here is some information to help you. Corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal for mailing and packaging food products and can also be used for corrugated boards, which are ideal for packaging and transporting supplies. Stackable and tapered boxes are ideal for mailing or packaging for heavy items such as books, documents and furniture. Disc and standard postal boxes are great for packaging individual belongings in individual ways, and these are just a few of the many applications you can find when shopping with us.

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